Missing Information – Your Turn To Be A Star

I always knew that researching a show from nearly fifty years ago would be a challenge, especially given the added complication that most of the TV recordings have long been wiped by ATV. That said, I think I’ve done considerably well so far and a large degree of that success is down to the very kind individuals who have been in touch to share their own personal memories of appearing on the show which has helped to fill in many gaps in the archives.

I do, however, still have a few shows that are missing facts and this page sets out to highlight the misplaced acts and the incompleted shows in the hope that it may spark a memory or recollection from someone out there that may remember a fact that will help to complete the missing pieces of the jigsaw.

I have identified a number of acts that I cannot place on a specific show, however, all the evidence suggests that they did make a New Faces appearance.

List of Acts without a show placing

Listed below are acts that have a New Faces history, yet cannot be placed on a specific show. Please have a read through the list and see if you remember any of the acts and which show they may have appeared on. If you do use the contact me page to send in your thoughts or visit the show page links to add a comment.

The Farrells (vocal trio)

The Stage mentions The Farrells as New Faces Runners-Up.

The Farrells were confirmed as New Faces runners-up in an article in The Stage in August 1974. They too appeared on the first show of series two as a viewers vote winner from their appearance on the first series.

It also appears that they entered Ireland’s 1972 Song for Europe contest, finishing in last place with their song Bualadh Bos (Clap Your Hands) and around the same time played at C’esar’s, Luton with then singer Roger de Courcey.

Possible Appearance: Show 1.4, Show 1.6

Anne Beverley (vocalist)

Anne Beverley confirmed as appearing half-way through the series. Sunday Mirror 7 Oct 1973.

Vocalist Anne Beverley had been used in the TV commercial to advertise the New Faces programme and in a small piece in the Sunday Mirror on 7 October 1973 it seems that show producer Les Cocks confirmed that Anne would be making an appearance on the show but not until about half-way through the series.

With the timing of the piece coming just after show two of the first series, that immediately rules out an appearance on the two earliest shows, leavving just three shows that Anne could have appeared on, with show six being favoured as this was halfway through the series, but this has been unable to be confirmed as yet.

The page for show 1.1 has a picture of Anne in case anyone needs to visualise the artist and for those fans of Crossroads with great memories, she also appeared in the ATV soap in the 1970s too.

Possible Appearance: Show 1.4, Show 1.5 or Show 1.6

Steve Ford (comedian)

The Stage 13 Dec 1973.

Birmingham based Irish comedian Steve Ford seems to have made a New Faces appearance before 13 December 1973. This is the date that a piece in The Stage appeared that referenced his appearance on the show and on the Golden Shot.

Steve appears to have been represented by the Bernard Parr Agency, who were based in Sheldon, Birmingham. After his New Faces appearance Steve appeared in Swinging Again, Tendring’s Summer Spectacular in Clacton during summer 1974.

Birmingham based comedian Steve Ford.

Steve was the compare for Showtime ’79 at the Wayside Cheer Hotel, Guernsey where he delivered his daft one-liners and was a huge hit with his hilarious solo spot.

Steve was still performing well into the 1990s and was well know for his catchphrase, ‘Come here till I tell you. Now.’

In 1995 Steve won the Comedy Award at the Harry Davenport Award Show in Birmingham where he was praised for his immaculate appearance which complemented the delivery of his perfectly timed, original Irish humour.

Possible Appearance: Show 1.1, Show 1.2, Show 1.5 or Show 1.6

Julie Jones (vocalist)

In 1971 a report in The Stage stated that Julie Jones had been putting in some pleasing vocal spots with the Phil Langton Trio at the Leeds Ace. Now I appreciate with a name like that it may be difficult to confirm I have the right singer, but I would like to think that this may be the same one.

Possible Appearance: Show 1.1, Show 1.4, Show 1.5 or Show 1.6

Tony Garcia (vocalist)

Heywood Advertiser 12 Dec 1974

On the 9 December 1973 Tony made a guest appearance on The Golden Shot, with Penny Lane and host Charlie Williams. I’m assuming this came about following his appearance on New Faces given the show was filmed at the same studios in Birmingham.

Tony was signed to Pye Records and released a number of singles. He was in the entertainment business for over 60 years. He was also an artist, painting murals on fairground rides, vehicles, and customising anything that moved or didn’t! He also did the most amazing portraits in oils, graphite or pastels – he was a talented man and well known on the club scene.

An article about a poppy appeal fund raiser show in the Heywood Advertiser, 31 Oct 1974, also mentioned that vocalist Tony Garcia had appeared on both Opportunity Knocks and New Faces.

In 1979 on Blackpool’s Golden Mile, the huge Coral Island complex enjoyed its second season and in the ground floor Flagship Showbar a wealth of talent entertained the crowds with Tony Garcia joining the O’Connor Sisters, Jackie Scott, Jo Ronell, A La Mode, Pat Lovell, Tracey Kelly and Ray’s Cornell’s Company.

Possible Appearance: Show 1.1, Show 1.4, Show 1.5 or Show 1.6

TV listing confirming Jon Jon Keefe was making his second appearance on 17 Sep 1977.

Jon Jon Keefe (comedian / singer)

Comedian Jon Jon Keefe made his second appearance on New Faces on the second show of series six. Television listing as the confirmed acts in The Stage both mention a previous appearance for Jon Jon Keefe, who was taking advantage of a new rule of the show, announced by producer Albert Stevenson, which allowed acts from previous shows a second chance as long as it had been two years since their last appearance on the show.

This two year rule means that Jon Jon Keefe must have appeared on series one, two or three. With all acts comfirmed for series two and three that leaves a few shows at the start of series one where he may have appeared.

Possible Appearance: Show 1.1, Show 1.2, Show 1.4, Show 1.5 or Show 1.6

Rosmarie, playing a show at The New Day, Cambusnethan, near Wishaw, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Rosmarie (vocalist)

Little is known about Rosmarie, not even a surname, but according to an advert in the Wishaw Press on 18 February 1977, she had previously appreared on New Faces.

Also listed playing at the same venue is another name that has not been placed on a show, Tony Garcia.

Possible Appearance: Show 1.1, Show 1.4, Show 1.5 or Show 1.6

Bryan Phillips (comedian)

Advert in the Wells Journal – 23 October 1975

Again, not much information to go on, other than an advert that appeared in both the Wells Journal and the Cheddar Valley Gazette on 23 October 1975, which listed Bryan Phillips as the ‘comedian from New Faces.’ The advert promotes shows on the 23 and 24 October 1975, again confirming an appearance in the first three series of the show.

On 16 November 1978 Bryan Phillips appeared with Clive Webb and The Anderson Sisters as the support acts for Peters & Lee at the Assembly Hall, Tunbridge Wells.

The only shows without a full line-up were those first few shows of series one, so again it seems that this act may well have appeared in one of those programmes.

Possible Appearance: Show 1.1, Show 1.2, Show 1.4, Show 1.5 or Show 1.6

Barley performing at the Wessex Hotel, Street, Somerset on 2 & 3 Sep 1975

Barley (Comedy Show Group)

Another act where little information is available. Barley were billed as ATVs New Faces Comedy Group in an advert for their show at the Wessex Hotel, Street, Somerset in the Wells Journal on 7 August 1975.

Once again this dates Barley’s possible appearance to the early shows of series one.

Possible Appearance: Show 1.1, Show 1.2, Show 1.4, Show 1.5 or Show 1.6


Wendy Barsley (dancer & male impersonator)

10 Jan 1974 advert in The Stage confirms her New Faces success

London born cabaret, television, pantomime and musical comedy performer Wendy Barsley had been the leading lady and choreographer in the Cecil Fortune/Robb Wyatt production of Wayout West at the Westerner, The Pier, St. Annes-on-Sea in August 1970. In 1974 she was in pantomime appearing in Robinson Crusoe in Whitehaven.

Wendy Barsley appearing on show three in Series One

Appearing in Cinderella in 1981 at the Grand Opera House in Belfast the programme notes for Wendy, who was playing Dandini alongside Frank Carson as Buttons, state that Wendy started her career as an escapologist and also tackled bareback riding and rope spinning in her entertainment repetoire.

Wendy had also achieved great success in cabaret and Old Time Musical Hall as a male impersonator and was seen in this guise on ATV’s New Faces, so it seems that this grainy photo is likely to be Wendy performing on the series one show, but which one?

After her New Faces appearance she appeared on televison in Dixon of Dock Green, The Goodies and Z Cars and often doubled for stars who were unable to ride.

Confirmed Appearance: Show 1.3 – Thanks to Wendy Barsley for the confirmation of her appearance on this show.

Kenny Robson. Image: ATV Broadcast

Kenny Robson (ukulele player & tap dancer)

Kenny Robson was a young performer from Essex, trained in the music hall tradition, as a versatile tap-dancer, guitarist, singer, juggler, George Formby impersonator and ukulele player.

He had already appeared on television on ITV’s Junior Showtime in March 1970 before making his New Faces debut in series one (show unknown). He appeared again on the first show of series two, which featured the acts voted for by the viewers from series one.

Confirmed Appearance: Show 1.2