27 Mar 1976 – Series Four (15) – All Winners Final 2

New Faces All Winners Show (2) – 27 March 1976. Image: ATV Broadcast.

Show fifteen of the series saw the second All Winners Show which, rather than having a guest host like previous All Winners Show for the past two series, was hosted by regular show host Derek Hobson.

He introduced the professional panel of  Mickie Most, Jack Parnell and Jess Yates, who were also joined by Danny La Rue, making just his second appearance as a judge, after first joining the panel for show 3.34.

This would be the first of two back-to-back appearances for Danny who was appearing in cabaret at the Night Out club in Birmingham. 

With the previous weeks winning act, Whiskey Mac, unable to appear on this show due to existing commitments the line-up was limited to just the six acts below, who were joined by the runner-up from the series three Grand Final, Al Dean as the shows guest act.

The six acts that had qualified for the show were;

The Nobodies were joint winners of show 4.8. Image: ATV Broadcast footage

The first act to perform were The Nobodies, from Liverpool.  Dressed in yellow, red, green and blue suits they performed a three minute song and comedy act that featured a brief appearance from a dummy, pulled from a suitcase but this was more for comedy value than a quality ventriloquism act.

Danny La Rue was impressed with their comedy timing as was Jack Parnell who commented on their ‘marvellous sense of timing’. Jess Yates said they were an act that proved what the show was all about, ‘they are a variety act.’

Comedy magician Bob Read was the joint winner of show 4.8. Image: ATV Broadcast footage

London magician Bob Read was the next act to perform, with a slick line in patter accompanying his magic tricks.  He started his act by introducing himself as ‘Bob Read, unknown by millions’ and performed a trick with a newspaper strip and a rope which he appeared to cut into pieces only to restore it to a single piece of rope again.

His patter included lines such as ‘we say the magic word tête-à-tête, that’s French for my bra is too tight’ and ‘you read the papers, isn’t it unusual how so many people seem to die in alphabetical order,’ but the audience did not seem to get the humour.

Danny La Rue liked him claiming he had ‘great class’ and Jack Parnell praised his ‘easy going charm’ but said ‘the audience could have been a little more warm for his jokes.’  Mickey Most commented on his ‘cool tempo’ and described some of his tricks as ‘mind-boggling.’

Seven-piece group Loco were from
Image: ATV Broadcast footage

The third act to perform were Leicester group Loco, who sang their own song called Seasons, which was part of a larger suite of music.

Dressed in a bright blue, winged sleeved catsuit the lead singer belted out the three minute song with some gusto and used his powerful voice to project the song to the audience.

Jack Parnell ‘wasn’t mad about the song’ but liked their arrangement and tempo changes.  Mickey Most liked their use of the synthesizer and the harmonies they created between the guitar and the alto-sax.  Danny La Rue said he liked their outfits, which prompted Mickey Most to disagree as he didn’t like the clothes at all.

Irish Flautist George Galway, brother of
James. Image: ATV Broadcast footage

The next act to try to book his place in the Grand Final was flautist George Galway who played a touch of Mozart coupled with a smattering of Bach, accompanied by Johnny Patrick the New Faces Orchestra.

Jess Yates called George ‘a great classical performer’ and Danny La Rue agreed calling him ‘a great performer, marvellous musician’. Both Jess Yates and Jack Parnell questioned the song choice, calling for a more commercial performance but the majority of comments praised his musical skills.

Comedian Jim Davidson was the fifth act to perform. Image: ATV broadcast footage

The fifth act, returning to New Faces just two weeks after his impressive score of 117 points, was 22 year-old comedian Jim Davidson who took to the stage to the tune of Z Cars, an obvious reference to his unique ‘Nick Nick’ catchphrase.

During his three minute act he made reference to his failed audition on Opportunity Knocks by introducing one of his jokes as, ‘now this is a true story, may I never see Hughie Green again.’

His act was full of ‘character’ impressions including a West Indian policeman a posh chap on a train and ‘his mate’ with a strong Irish accent, Paddy.  One of his many police themed jokes was the one about the policeman who had a mongrel on a lead who, when asked about it, claimed it was plain clothed.

Mickey Most kicked off the comments and while he liked Jim and his act, he did say he would ‘prefer not to hear so many Irish jokes, as we hear them so often’ but said the act was ‘Excellent.’ Danny La Rue loved the running ‘Nick Nick’ gag and said he was ‘Fantastic.’

Jess Yates summed up Jim’s performance by saying, ‘he’s probably the only act I’ve seen up to now on New Faces that I would guarantee, and I’ve been in the business forty years, in forty years time we are still going to know about him’ which Derek Hobson called ‘a very big compliment’, however, Jess was right as Jim’s career has run for well over 40 years.

We were introduced to the viewers panel by Derek Hobson just after the second commercial break, they were (left to right); Dee Rayson (Stragglethorpe, Lincoln), Peter Clark (Wath upon Dearne, Rotherham), Jacqui Terenzi (Chatham) and Ken Weston (Altrincham). (Images: ATV Broadcast).

Ken, Jacqui and Peter all named Jim Davidson as their favourite act of the five seen so far with Jackie stating, ‘when you are judging something like this you got to think of the future, and I think Jim Davidson has got a lot of potential. He’s young and his material is good and I’m sure that one day he’s going to be a star.’

Jacqui Terenzi had a previous connection to the show as her husband, singer Frank Terenzi, had previously appeared on show 3.21.

As Derek Hobson made his way down the panel to ask their views on the acts they’d seen so far, he seemed to flirt a little with Dee, saying; ‘I’ve been saying all sorts of strange things to you all day’ before stepping back a little as asking the cameraman ‘can you have a good look at her, good, yes!.’

Dee said that she like the ‘flute-ist’ much to the amusement of Derek Hobson who corrected her error by saying, ‘the flute-ist? oh right, he’s a flautist but it doesn’t really matter. Anyway a flute-ist is better actually, it has a nice quaint feeling about it.’

Love Together were presented with soft focus camera effect. Image: ATV broadcast

Derek Hobson explained that the final act of the All Winners Show was originally known as Turnstyle but they were know calling themselves Love Together.

The group sang an original song entitled Don’t Think We Can Make It, which was released as a single on the Pye Record label and was produced by New Faces judge Alan A. Freeman.

Love Together were singers Anita Allen (real name Ann Kay) and Phil Firth, backed by group Turnstyle with Anita’s brother Paul on keyboards, Brian Bolton on drums, Harold Heywood on bass.

As with all the other acts, Danny La Rue loved them, although he did say ‘I think they are just slightly intense,  imagine they are very much in love with each other.’ Jack Parnell said ‘the main thing that impressed me was the song, it was such a lovely song.’

Following their name change the group found themselves in a bitter argument over the name as another group, also called Love Together had released a number of records over the previous two years and claimed that the name was theirs.

Guest act Al Dean’s set ran for twice as
long as the three minutes the contestants
got. Image: ATV broadcast

Before the final scores were revealed Derek Hobson introduced the comedian Al Dean, who was the runner up in the series three Grand Final to Marti Caine.

Al made the most of the additional TV exposure by performing a seven minute act, which ran for twice as long as the contestants on the show were allowed and was at one point given the ‘wind it up’ signal by one of the crew, to which he returned a two finger gesture and carried on anyway.

He ended his very funny, if not a little manic set, by wishing Derek Hobson a happy 28th birthday and claimed that ‘he would have been 29 but his mother was shy.’

With each professional judge scoring the acts out of a possible one hundred points there were some high scores given, but only one maximum mark given by Danny La Rue to Jim Davidson, who won by a 33 point margin from Love Together.

 ActJess YatesJack ParnellDanny La RueMickey MostTotal
1Jim Davidson989010095383
2Love Together with Turnstyle76909589350
3George Galway80808585330
4The Nobodies88788083329
5=Bob Read84737578310
The Viewers Panel also picked Jim Davidson as their winner. Image: ATV broadcast

The result was echoed by the Viewers Panel and Jim Davidson was the third act to book his place in the Grand Final alongside Roger de Courcey and Sparrow.

The credits rolled as Jim Davidson took his winners applause from the studio audience and a tray of champagne was wheeled out for all the acts to enjoy as they all came together, joined by Derek Hobson and Al Dean to raise a glass to the winning act.

The contestants, host and guest act toast the winner, Jim Davidson. Image: ATV broadcast

Show Footage

Show Opening Credits and Intro

Love Together (with Turnstyle) – Don’t Think We Can Make It

End of Al Dean’s act and Judges Scores

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Archive: A copy is held by the BFI – Work – 569993 

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