3 Jul 76 – Series Four (29) – All Winners Show (4)

Viewers Panel Winner, Frank Leyton. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

The professional panel saw a second judging role appearance for David Bell, who was joined by Tony Hatch, Noel Edmonds and Lionel Blair.  Derek Hobson was once again the host of the show, with the guest host role now firmly ditched by the producers.

The six returning winning acts from previous shows looking to secure a place on the Gala Final were;

  • Darren Stuart (vocalist) from Newcastle – show 4.24
  • Scoby Smith (five-piece group) from London – show 4.23
  • Whiskey Mac (four-piece group) from Southend – show 4.14
  • The Rickard Brothers (vocal duo) from Coventry – show 4.26
  • Pride (six-piece group) from Cornwall – show 4.27
  • Frank Leyton (vocalist) from Manchester – show 4.28

The professional panel awarded London group Scoby Smith the highest score of the show and they booked their place in the Gala Final on 31 July 1976.

The previous weeks winner, singer Frank Leyton, won the Viewers Panel vote and booked himself one more chance at making the Gala Final on the last winners show of the series on 24 July 1976.

The four-piece group from Southend, Whiskey Mac, finally got to make their All Winners show appearance, which was delayed as after they won show 4.14 on 20 March 1976 they had a series of existing work commitments to fulfil.

Jodie Grey advertised as a special guest on this show, but the date of the show is incorrect. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

As with other winners show the six acts were joined by a guest act, added to fill the broadcast TV slot.  This show saw the return of singer Joy Rose who had appeared on two earlier shows in the series back in January 1976.  She impressed on show 4.4 and appeared again on the first All Winners Show (show 4.7) where she lost out to ventriloquist act Roger de Courcey.

There is a mystery about a second special guest act on this show.  An advert in The Stage on the 8 July 1976 suggests that Jodie Grey also appeared.  I can’t find a record of Jodie appearing on New Faces, but she did appear on the spin-off TV show Make ‘Em Laugh in 1977 with a large number of New Faces successes.  I’m also puzzled that the date quoted is incorrect as the show was broadcast on Saturday 3 July and the 4 July was in fact a Sunday.




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