19 Mar 1978 – Series Six (28) – Viewers Request Show

Winning through the the Gala Final at her third attempt was vocalist Stella Starr.
Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

With New Faces fast approaching the last Gala Final on April 2, for this show producer Albert Stevenson decided to give another chance to eight acts who didn’t win on their last appearance nor achieve 100 marks or more from the judges, but based on the number of letters received were extremely popular with the viewers at home.

The four panellists who would judge the performances of the returning eight acts were Mickie Most, Michael Aspel, Ken Irwin and Peter Prichard. The returning acts from as far back as the first show of the series and four acts that had won their original show but failed to progress from their All Winners Show, they were;

  • Gary Wilmot & Judy (impressionists) 6.18 & 6.23
  • Sprinkler (five-piece group) 6.6 & 6.7
  • Michel Henry (speciality act) 6.9
  • Stella Starr (vocalist) 6.10 & 6.16
  • Steve Cassidy (vocalist / guitarist) 6.10 & 6.17
  • James and Brown (boy / girl duo) 6.1
  • Brian Carroll (comedian) 6.15
  • Larry Larkin (comedy magician) 6.24

Having finished runner-up on her last appearance South African born vocalist Stella Starr claimed the top score of 375 from the judges, including 95 points from Mickie Most, which booked a place in the Gala Final just two weeks later.

By securing her place in the Gala Final Stella ensured that she would make a total of four appearances in this series, making her one of the most successful acts in New Faces history.

Comedy magician
Larry Larkin.
Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

Finishing in second place were the group Sprinkler who scored 335 points from the judges, while speciality act Michel Henry finished in third place with 322 points.

The most unlikely act to appear on this show was comedy magician Larry Larkin. On his first appearance Larry was placed last by the judges which he responded to by holding up signs, including one that said ‘I Love Tony Hatch,’ but even on his return he failed to get to perform for the songwriter and music producer. Larry improved on the last place finish of his first appearance and finished in fourth place with a score of 321 points.

Even though on show 6.24 the marks from the judges were low, with Larry scoring just 72 points, the studio audience and television viewers clearly disagreed and an ATV spokesman confirmed that despite scoring badly, there had been more viewer demand for Larry than any other act.

1Stella Starr375
3Michel Henry322
4Larry Larkin321
5Gary Wilmot & Judy318
6James & Brown299
7Steve Cassidy286
8Brian Carroll283
The scores from the judges gave Stella Starr a clear victory and a place in the Gala Final

Credits: Thanks to @TheAnorakZone for the additional information on this show

Archive: A copy is held by the BFI – Work – 572307

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