24 Dec 1977 – Series Six (16) – All Winners Show 2

Comedian Ian ‘Sludge’ Lees was the guest act on this All Winners Show. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

Making her third appearance of the series was Bridie Reid who was joined on the judges panel by Tony Hatch, Terry Wogan and Shaw Taylor.

As the show was broadcast on Christmas Eve the judges sat in front of a huge Merry Christmas sign and Derek Hobson was sat in front of a decorated Christmas tree to complete the festive feel to the show.

This second All Winners Show saw the successful winning acts from previous shows compete to secure a place in the series Gala Final in April 1978. The previous winning acts returning for a second appearance, in what was a music dominated show, were;

Winning group Poacher booked themselves a place in the series Gala Final. Image: ATV Broadcast

With only six winning acts appearing on the show there was a vacant spot, which was filled by guest act Ian ‘Sludge’ Lees. The Wolverhampton comedian scored 103 on his first appearance in series five (show 5.6) and scored well again to secure the runner-up spot behind eventual series five winners Koffee ‘n’ Kreme in the second Near Misses show of series five.

The show was won by the Country group Poacher who became the third act the secure a place in the series Gala Final, joining comedian Bazz Harris (show 6.11) and vocalist Pat O’Hare (show 6.7) who had already qualified from their respective shows.

The runner-up in a quality show was the vocalist Stella Starr who would be seen again in March 1978 when she would be one of eight acts selected by the show viewers to be given another chance to secure a Gala Final place. Despite not winning the show the bright lights were certainly shining for Stella as thanks to her success on the show, offers of work flooded in, with recording contracts and TV series both on offer from a number of contacts.

Pianist Terry McCann sang a Carol King song. Image: ATV Broadcast

Pianist and vocalist Terry McCann, having won his first show with a number written by his friend, this time performed his own arrangement of the Carol King song Sweet Seasons.

Bridie Reid, who was responsible for booking acts for Pontin’s Holiday Camps, said that Terry was a rare breed as ‘most young keyboard players join groups or bands’ and added ‘if he wants six months work next season, see me afterwards.’ Shaw Taylor said Terry performed with great charm and happiness but as he was a classical piano teacher he was ‘more Brahms and Liszt than rock ‘n’ roll,’ adding ‘he comes over splendidly, he could go on and do very well.’

Tony Hatch said Terry was the ‘reverse of what you imagine a popstar to have in the way of looks and general technique and if he keeps singing like that then, why not?’ Terry Wogan, who was on the judges panel when Terry won his first show, concluded the comments by saying ‘he’s got the combination of rugged looks, a melodic voice, an up-tempo song, good personality. I think he could go very far.’

Terry McCann performs Sweet Seasons on the All Winners Show

The group Flash became the first group from Ulster to make an All Winners Show and they performed the Steve Gibbons song He Gave His Life To Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Ulster group Flash performed a Steve Gibbons song on the All Winners Show.

Show Footage

Terry McCann – Sweet Seasons

Flash – He Gave His Life To Rock ‘n’ Roll

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