Trevor Chance

Trevor Chance LP – A Chance Encounter (1973)

Starting Out

Lead guitarist Trevor, 28, was working in a club looking for a singer, when one couldn’t be found he lived up to his name and took his chance and soon he was in demand as a solo singer.

He was soon signed by RCA records and his management agency, London Management, were predicting he would soon be as big a name as Tony Bennett or Jack Jones. The New Faces pilot show was his first TV appearance.

Single Release

Shortly before the show aired, on the 15 June 1973, he released a single called So Close on the RCA owned GL label. His LP, A Chance Enounter was also released in 1973.

In the early 80s he joined successful band The Fivepenny Piece who, in the late 1970s, had been regularly appearing in the BBC show That’s Life.

Trevor Chance’s appearances on New Faces

One thought on “Trevor Chance

  1. Used to see you at majestic in Newcastle in the sixties..I think it was the Jonny Moran band who played there.


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