19 Jul 1975 – Series Three (43) – Winners & Near Misses 2

Vocal harmony group Scarlet Jade. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

For this special Winners and Near Misses heat, and the final show before the Grand Final, guest host Nicky Martyn took over the regular duties of Derek Hobson who joined the judges panel where he was joined by Alan A. Freeman, Jack Parnell and Clifford Davis.

Previous show winners and specially invited acts looking to take the last place in the Grand Final were;

Show winners Ofanchi booked the final place in the Grand Final of Series Three. Image: ATV Broadcast

The final act to secure a place in the Grand Final on 27 July 1975 were the group Ofanchi.

Vocalist and guitarist Steve Cockburn should also have appeared in the heat but after his second place in his previous appearance he celebrated by jetting off to Italy with his wife Pat.  What he didn’t know was that that when viewers’ votes were counted he’d end up winning outright, however, before the days of mobile phones no-one could get in touch with him and he missed his out on his second appearance.  He did get another chance when the producers invited him back to perform again in Series Four (Show 4.11).

Series Three Grand Finalist, Lenny Henry, would help Steve recall the missed opportunity on his show Lenny Goes To Town when he plucked Steve out of the audience to surprise him with some clips from the show and a special London Palladium appearance.

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