7 Jun 1977 – Make ‘Em Laugh (ATV)

Vocalist Jodie Grey was a guest act on an All Winners Show in series four of New Faces. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

Make ‘Em Laugh was a 1977 ATV special featuring only performers that had been on ATV’s New Faces and was broadcast between series five and six of the show.

The forty-five minute show was broadcast on 7 June 1977, Silver Jubilee Day, and was described as having an accent on slapstick, with zany sketches and song and dance routines.  The shows three writers were Philip Parsons, Tony Hawes and Garry Chambers, the producer and director was Peter Harris and the music was provided by New Faces judge Jack Parnell and his band.

The former New Faces acts who appeared on the show were;

Eve Adam, Simone and Jodie Grey appearing in ATV’s Make ‘Em Laugh. Image TV Times – 4 Jun 1977

Jodie Grey was christened Joy Rose and under that name had won show 4.4 and appeared in the All Winners Final that was won by Roger de Courcey. Jodie was also the guest act on the last All Winners Final of series four but performed under her new stage name. She changed the name because of her father’s occupation. He ran a second-hand shop in Twickenham and she apparently didn’t want to become known as ‘second-hand Rose.’

Eve Adam began her singing career in cabaret at a Greek restaurant in London. At the end of her performances she was often showered with plates as the customer showed their appreciation with the traditional Greek activity. Since Eve’s success on New Faces, recording a third place in the Gala Final, on what was her fifth appearance during series four, she had played some top London dates and a QEII cruise plus at the time of this recording she was looking forward to a summer season in Jersey.

Exeter’s Simone had started singing in a church choir when she worked at Boots the Chemist. Mother to a young son, the velvet-voiced singer had already appeared at the London Palladium by the time the show was recorded.

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