22 Oct 1977 – Series Six (7) – All Winners Show 1

Show winner Pat O’Hare with his ‘Busker’ trophy. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

Returning to the panel for just their second appearances were Rosalie Horner, Don Maclean and Terry Wogan. They were joined by the shows most experienced judge Mickie Most who had appeared on the panel in every one of the show’s six series.

Also returning for their second appearances on New Faces were the winning acts from the first six shows of the series. They were all looking to secure the first Gala Final place in the series finale the following April. They were;

The show also featured a guest act who had first appeared in series five. The vocalist Gillian Burns, who had won show 5.21 and subsequently appeared on the third All Winners show (5.23) losing to series finalists Kite.

The winner of the show, by just four marks, was vocalist Pat O’Hare who was grateful that Batley Variety Club had released him so that he could appear on the All Winners Show.

Pat received some great comments from the four judges with Jack Parnell saying ‘I think Pat O’Hare is a great singer, lovely tone, perfect intonation, beautifully in tune, absolutely perfect.’

Music producer Mickie Most claimed ‘we have just listened to a great singer.’ Disc jockey Terry Wogan was also full of praise stating ‘Pat sang beautifully tonight, and has a very distinctive voice, not like anyone else, perfect intonation, lovely tone. If there’s a better ballad singer in the country, I haven’t heard him.’

The viewers would see Pat again in just over six months time when he appeared in the series Gala Final on 2 April 1978. The group The Sprinklers would also get a second chance when they were one of eight acts selected to appear on the Viewer’s Request Show in March 1978.

Runner-up by just four points was vocalist Sandi Ann Leigh. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

Narrowly beaten into second place was Birmingham vocalist Sandi Ann Leigh. After her win on the first show of the series Sandi had been inundated with calls. Chapel music publisher, and New Faces judge, Jimmy Henney came up with a great song You’re A Part Of Me, written and originally performed by Kim Carnes, which he recommended Sandi should sing in the All Winner Show.  

Sandi had paid attention to Mickie Most’s comment about her ‘old-fashioned’ image he’d made when she won the first show and for her All Winners appearance she had a completely different look. Instead of a dress she wore a trouser suit with a black tie and she had her hair cut and permed in an afro style. 

Mickie Most was so impressed with her performance and the fact his advice had been followed he awarded Sandi a maximum 100 marks, not something he was known to have done before or after this show.  He also offered Sandi a record deal. Rosalie Horner and Terry Wogan also awarded high marks, but Birmingham comedian Don McLean gave only 72 marks , saying he preferred the original feminine look. That low score from her fellow Brummie meant she finished runner-up but just four points. 

The songwriter Don Black was watching this All Winners show and signed Sandi to record Dear Anyone, his new concept album co-written with Geoff Stephens.  They became her managers for the next few years and helped to launch her career.  Don Black was the person who asked Sandi to change her name and after much debate, they settled on Maggie Moone.

The performance that finished in third place on this show, from Liverpool duo Union Jack, can be seen on You Tube (video below) but don’t be fooled by the misleading editing at the end of the footage.

The duo performed a number of quick impression sketches that included Henry Cooper, Magnus Pike, Joe and Petunia (the cartoon couple from those 1970s Public Information Films) and characters from TV Series The Watermargin and The Muppet Show, which featured their own Kermit puppet. The ended their performance with a song, which unfortunately is cut short in the clip.

At the end of the clip there is an inaccurate claim that Union Jack were the ‘National Series Winners’, a phrase that is displayed over the footage of them actually celebrating their first win on the show a month earlier. While Union Jack did win that original show, they couldn’t have and didn’t win the series as they didn’t qualify for the Gala Final. This was their final performance on New Faces. The Union Jack footage can also be seen in the correct and chronological order along with, at around the 55 second point, the line-up of acts at the start of this show in the show footage link beneath the video.

Union Jack performing on the All Winners Show. Don’t be fooled by the claim at the end of the video.

Special Thanks: Maggie Moone (formerly Sandi Ann Leigh) for providing additional details of her appearance on this show.

Show Footage

Union Jack – All Winners Show Appearance (plus original show winning celebration)

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