Danny and Dereth

How They Met

Danny (David) Kiely had previously played in a 60s Teddy Boy rock group called The Marauders, toured with The Hollies and played at The Cavern, Liverpool. Dereth Redfern met Danny in a recording studio in 1969 after winning a number of talent competitions as a solo artist.  They starting performing together shortly after that meeting and toured the working men’s clubs in the 70s.

USA Tour

After their appearance on New Faces they married and toured the USA performing songs including ballads, country and western, English folk and popular music. In November 1975 they played at The Pacelli High School, Stevens Point, Wisconsin and in 1976 they appeared at Hobart Senior High School, Indiana.

End of The Act

The act ended in the early 1980s when the cabaret circuit was in decline and family life took priority. They had twins, a boy and a girl, Gaby and Nathan. Nathan has also gone down the live performance route with appearances in the West End and Edinburgh Fringe and he now appears as a drag artist under the name Topsie Redfern.

Danny and Dereth’s appearances on New Faces

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