28 Jun 1975 – Series Three (40) – Winners & Near Misses 1

While the group Sparrow didn’t win they would be invited to appear again on 19 July 1975. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

Comedian Nicky Martyn took over host duties for this special Winners & Near Misses Show of the series, as he’d done with the previous four All Winners Shows. Joining him were Tony Hatch, John Robins and Derek Hobson, who switched seats to take up a judges chair.

The seven acts returning for another chance were;

Repeating their win from their earlier appearance on 31 May 1975 were six-piece group Toby who became the seventh act to book themselves a place in the Grand Final on 27 July 1975.

Barbara Hermans was an act that had been invited back after her appearance in the heat broadcast on 19 April 1975, which was won by comedy impressionist Dennis Jones.

Spencer K. Gibbins had already appeared in the previous All Winners Show on 3 May 1975 having won his original heat a week earlier on 26 April 1975.  The shows producers obviously rated the comedian and impressionist and felt that he deserved one final chance to impress the judges.

58675131_416352072247344_4997653696864059392_o (2)
Helen Day & Catch performed I Got The Catch, which was the inspiration for the change of name.

Helen Day & Catch had changed their name from their winning appearance on 21 June 1975. The name change was inspired by I Got The Catch their new original song they performed for their second appearance and became the B-side of their debut single, produced by Tony Hatch

Despite not winning for the second week running it would not be the last New Faces viewers would see of Helen Day & Catch as they would be invited back on 19 July 1975 to perform in a final winners and near misses show before the Grand Final week.

Their performance on the show has been discovered and can be seen on the You Tube video below.

Missing Details

This show is missing one of the four judges who sat on the panel for the show.

If you have any details of the missing judge then please leave a comment on the page of use the Contact Me page to send in any information you may have.

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