19 Nov 1977 – Series Six (11) – Near Misses 1

Mime act Adrian Hedley was one of seven acts making the most of a second chance.
Image: The Stage Media Company Limited

The panel of judges who assembled to review the seven returning acts, all of who had scored 100 points or more on their first appearance, were Lionel Blair, Tony Hatch, Les Reed and Bridie Reid.

The acts making their second New Faces appearance were;

  • Adrian Hedley (mime act) from London – Near Miss show 6.5
  • Bazz Harris (comedian) from Bradford – Near Miss show 6.3
  • Angel Caan (vocalist) from Coventry – Near Miss show 6.2
  • Anna Salini (vocalist) from London – Near Miss show 6.6
  • Chuck Ford (banjo player) from Isle of Wight – Near Miss show 6.6
  • East End (five-piece group) from London – Near Miss show 6.5
  • Suede (trio) from Newcastle-upon-Tyne – Near Miss show 6.8
Show winner: Comedian Bazz Harris Image: The Stage Media Company Limited

This Near Misses show was won by Nottingham comedian Bazz Harris, who as a result of his victory secured the second Gala Final spot and would join singer Pat O’Hare, the winner of the first All Winners Show, on the series finale in April 1978. Bazz, despite standing at just 4 foot 10 inches, made a big impression with the judges and was described as ‘potentially one of the country’s leading funny men.’

Banjo player Chuck Ford once again performed a medley of songs on his instrument while mime Adrian Hedley once again did not make a sound for his three minute appearance.

The groups and vocalists who appeared on the show performed the following songs;

  • Angel Caan – The Way We Were
  • Anna Salini – My Heart Belongs To Me
  • Suede – I Can’t Stop Singing
  • East End – Once You Get Started

On January 13 1978 Coventry vocalist Angel Caan performed at the city’s Edgwick Club. Having seen Angel on this New Faces show Mrs A. Pithers wrote to the Coventry Evening Telegraph to express her surprise that only a small audience of just two dozen had paid the 50p entrance fee to watch Angel perform, calling her the ‘best bit of local talent I have seen for a long time.’

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