8 Mar 1975 – Series Three (25) – All Winners Final 3

Liverpool comedian Al Dean booked his place in the Grand Final.
Image: ATV Broadcast

Joining guest host Nicky Martyn on the third All Winners Show were Tony Hatch, Arthur Askey, Clifford Davis and regular host Derek Hobson making up the judging panel of four.

The eight acts back for a chance to book their place in the Grand Final at the end of the series were;

  • Al Dean (comedian) – Show 3.24
  • Lenny Henry (comedian / impressionist) – Show 3.17
  • McGee McNamara (vocalist) – Show 3.18
  • Luie Caballero (comedian / impressionist) – Show 3.19
  • Paul & Barry Harman (comedy song & dance duo) – Show 3.12
  • Dennis D’ell (vocal/guitarist) – Show 3.21
  • Tommer Puppets (musical puppet act) – Show 3.22
  • Son of a Gun (four-piece group) – Show 3.23
Viewers winner Lenny Henry.
Image: ATV Broadcast

When asked to comment on the winning act, judge and comedian, Arthur Askey stated, “all the best comics are scousers.” It seems Arthur may have had a valid point as it was Liverpool comedian Al Dean who was judged to be the winner of this first class All Winners show to book his place in the Grand Final at the London Palladium on 27 July 1975, with a winning margin of just five points.

Despite not winning the show it wouldn’t be the last we’d see of Lenny Henry the young comedian from Dudley in the West Midlands.  The viewers voted in large numbers to see Lenny appear again and he be added to the line-up of the second Viewers Winners show on 7 June 1975.

The English vocalist, with Spanish parents, Luie Caballero first stumbled into the acting profession at the age of fifteen in the Flowerdrum Song. He also performed in the stage musicals Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar and Grease.

A versatile singer, later in his career he performed a Frank Sinatra tribute act as well as performing songs from the likes of Bobby Darin, Dean Martin, Buddy Holly, David Essex, Gene Pitney, Charles Aznavour and Elvis Presley.

Paul and Barry Harman who would go on to be better known as The Chuckle Brothers. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

It was originally unclear how Paul and Barry Harman made the line-up of another All Winners Show, having been listed as appearing on the second All Winners Show won by Marti Caine at the start of January 1975.

The comedy duo had already won show twelve of the series, their original appearance on 7 December 1974, but Paul Harman (now known as Paul Chuckle) explained that due to their existing commitment to appear in pantomime in Bournemouth they were unable to attend the studio recording for the earlier All Winners Show.

Interestingly they shared the billing in the Cinderella pantomime in Bournemouth with New Faces judge Arthur Askey, who was one of the panel providing his impartial views on the acts for this All Winners Show.

Thanks: Paul Chuckle (Paul Harman) for clearing up the All Winners Show appearance date for Paul & Barry Harman.

13 thoughts on “8 Mar 1975 – Series Three (25) – All Winners Final 3

  1. Does anyone know where I’d find footage of the group mentioned from Liverpool in episode 3.18
    My dad Derek Edwards was in the band and I’d love footage if anyone has any?


  2. I’m amazed that I haven’t come across your website before! I’m constantly on the look out for references to my husband Luie Caballero on the show. We have an audio recording of his performance but the search continues for TV footage!
    It was lovely to read more detail about the shows he appeared on, thank you so much xx


  3. These listings are a unique archive of the mostly lost mid 1970’s New Faces recordings and the participating artistes. The show launched my career in the entertainment industry, which led me to ‘cross the footlights’ in 1981 to become a producer, talent manager and eventually theatre chain operator. I owe much to New Faces Producer Cocks and Director Paul Stewart Laing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Nick. Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m fascinated by the history of the New Faces show, which was filmed in my home city of Birmingham. I was only 5 years old when the show started, but it’s produced so many success stories that I felt it was worth spending my personal time documenting as much of the detail I could find to bring the history of the show to life. I’m so pleased that through the website I’ve connected with a number of former contestants and all have very fond memories of being on the show and have enjoyed the trip down memory lane.


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