3 May 1975 – Series Three (33) – All Winners Final 4

Spencer K. Gibbins. Image © The Stage Media Company

As with all previous All Winners Shows a guest host oversaw the proceedings with comedian Nicky Martyn taking over from usual host Derek Hobson, who switched roles and joined Martin Jackson, Mickie Most and John Smith on the judging panel for the show.

The eight acts appearing for a second time and hoping for a place in the series three Grand Final were;

  • Mike Felix (comedian / vocalist) – Show 3.26
  • Joey Holliday (comedian) – Show 3.27
  • Wayne Pritchett (comedy mime) – Show 3.28
  • Scarlet Jade (five-piece group) – Show 3.28
  • Freddy Anthony (pianist) – Show 3.29
  • Method (four-piece group) – Show 3.30
  • Dennis Jones (comedian / impressionist) – Show 3.31
  • Spencer K. Gibbins (comedian / impressionist) – Show 3.32

Once the judges scores were orderly ranked it was comedian Mike Felix who finished top of the scoreboard and secured his place in the Grand Final on 27 July 1975.

Of the other acts competing Rugby based group Scarlet Jade would get one final shot to make the Grand Final when they were selected for the near misses and viewers winners show on 19 July 1975.

My Home Town by Stormer (formerly Method) recorded at Tittenhurst Park, Ascot

The second appearance from the Normanton based group Method saw them perform one of their own songs, Hold On Tight, which was written by vocalist Mick Brassington and guitarist John Hughes. The group had been together since 1968 and a few years after their appearance on New Faces they changed their name to Stormer and were taken under the wing of former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr.  They signed a three-year recording contract with recording company Ring O’Records, however, Ringo Starr was not an active participant in the company.

Stormer recorded a single My Home Town, and their debut album for Ring O’Records at Ascot Sound Studios at Tittenhurst Park, Ascot, the former home of John Lennon and Yoko Ono and the famous filming location of Imagine video, which was sold to Ringo Starr in 1973. Ringo had founded Startling Studios so that artists “won’t have to beg” but unfortunately for Stormer the label was terminated in 1979 before the album was released but the single reached number 17 in Germany before it faded away due to lack of promotion.

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