19 Mar 1977 – Series Five (28) – Winners & Near Misses 3

Joint winners Mr Carline & Mr Walling. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

The experienced panel for the show featured Muriel Young, John Smith, Les Reed and George Elrick.

The line-up was a mixture of show winners and those near misses acts that had scored 100 points or more on their first appearance. With an unusual number of high scoring shows there were additional acts to accommodate, so there were nine acts on the show and they were;

  • Ding-a-ling (seven-piece group) from Limerick – Near Miss Show 5.13
  • Les Wilson (comedian) from Leicester – Near Miss Show 5.21
  • Tina (vocalist) from Ireland – Near Miss Show 5.19
  • Fresh (four-piece group) from Norwich – Joint Winners Show 5.24
  • Dario and Delia (guitar duo) from Leicester – Joint Winners Show 5.24
  • Bob Clarke Ensemble (jazz trio) from London – Winners Show 5.25
  • Sullivan (five-piece group) Aberdeen Near Miss Show 5.19
  • Mother Nature’s Children (four-piece group) from Chesterfield – Near Miss Show 5.27
  • Mr Carline & Mr Walling (comedy double act) from London – Near Miss Show 5.27
ATV ticket for the show recording at ATV Centre, Studio One, Birmingham. Image: Facebook

The fact that this was, in effect, a semi-final and given that two of the acts made it to the Gala Final show the only conclusion is that there was yet another tied result at the top of the scoreboard, making this result the fourth tie in the last seven shows.

The joint winners were the jazz trio The Bob Clarke Ensemble, who had won their show three weeks earlier and comedy duo Mr Carline & Mr Walling who were one of two high scoring acts that progressed from the previous week’s show.

Bass guitarist Paul Wortley from the group Fresh believes that they finished in third place behind the two joint winners on this show, but with the final only two weeks away a third place finish was not enough to continue their New Faces journey. Paul would however have the consolation of watching his relation Peter Collins with his group Style compete the following week for the final place in the Gala Final.

The other high scoring act from the previous week’s show, Mother Nature’s Children, again performed one of their own songs, Never Had The Time, which again was written by Charles Finney and Karen Finney.

Credits: Paul Wortley (Fresh) for the information about their appearance
Charles Finney & Karen Plummer (Finney) (Mother Nature’s Children) for their Facebook page featuring the history of their songwriting partnership.

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