6 Oct 1973 – Series One (2)

Show winner John D. Bryant.
Image: ATV Broadcast

I’m still missing a little information about this show, which aired on 6 October 1973.

It aired at 5:20pm on a Saturday evening in all ITV regions with the exception of Anglia TV (5:50pm) and UTV (5:45pm).

One of the three panellists on show two was British talent manager, Evie Taylor. Evie managed a number singers including Adam Faith, Sandie Shaw and Val Doonican. She is credited as being the source of the Larry Grayson catchphrase, ‘Shut that door’, a phrase she used to utter when discussing financial or personal issues with her clients.

Evie was joined by John Smith from the Bailey’s Organisation and London impresario Dickie Hurran, who was back for his second show having judged the first show of the new series the previous week.

The names of the six acts I know appeared on the show are;

  • John D. Bryant (guitar / vocalist)
  • Kenny Robson (ukulele player & tap dancer) from Essex
  • Danny O’Hara (comedian) from Ireland

The other four, unknown acts included;

  • a four-piece group – possibly Barley
  • a quick draw caricature cartoonist
  • a male musical / vocal duo

The winner of this show was the guitarist and vocalist John D. Bryant, who would be seen again in the series Grand Final in December.

Irish comedian Danny O’Hara had previously appeared on the show The Comedians.

The act line-up for show two. Only John D. Bryant (back middle) and Kenny Robson (wearing the hat) and Danny O’Hara (front right) are known.
Image: Leicester Chronicle, Reach PLC. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD

Missing Details

Unknown cartoonist quickly sketches on the show. Image: ATV Broadcast

This show is probably the one where most the details are missing.

I am missing the names of the other three acts that appeared on this programme alongside winner John D. Bryant and young dancer, musician Kenny Robson and comedian Danny O’Hara.

One of the missing acts is this quick draw cartoonist.

If you have any more details or can identify any of the missing acts then please leave a comment on the page of use the Contact Me page to send in any information you may have.

6 thoughts on “6 Oct 1973 – Series One (2)

  1. I competed in the first series with a magic act featuring a Clairvoyant Hen (Madame Charmaine)! I can’t remember the exact date but the judges were Jean Morton, Clement Freud and Tony Hatch. Derek Hobson was the host and Alton Douglas was warm-up comedian. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the names of the other competitors!

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    1. Hi Leslie, great to hear from you. Based on your recollection of the judging panel alone, I believe that your appearance aired on 27 October 1973 in the episode won by folk trio Dri Jinja. See https://newfacesatv.home.blog/2019/02/05/27-october-1973-series-one-5/. Let me know if the names of the other acts ring any bells with you. If you check the post for the series grand final (https://newfacesatv.home.blog/2019/02/09/29-december-1973-series-one-grand-final/) there is a photo of Dri Jinja that may jog your memory.


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