6 October 1973 – Series One (2)

John D. Bryant performing in the second show. Image: ATV Broadcast

There is little information about this show, which aired on 6 October 1973, available.

It aired at 5:20pm on a Saturday evening in all ITV regions with the exception of Anglia TV (5:50pm) and UTV (5:45pm).

One of the three panellists on episode two was British talent manager, Evie Taylor. Evie managed a number singers including Adam Faith, Sandie Shaw and Val Doonican. She is credited as being the source of the Larry Grayson catchphrase, ‘Shut that door’, a phrase she used to utter when discussing financial or personal issues with her clients.

Based purely on the acts who made the winners final of Series One, I have concluded that the winner of this episode was the guitarist and vocalist John D. Bryant.

4 thoughts on “6 October 1973 – Series One (2)

  1. I competed in the first series with a magic act featuring a Clairvoyant Hen (Madame Charmaine)! I can’t remember the exact date but the judges were Jean Morton, Clement Freud and Tony Hatch. Derek Hobson was the host and Alton Douglas was warm-up comedian. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the names of the other competitors!

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    1. Hi Leslie, great to hear from you. Based on your recollection of the judging panel alone, I believe that your appearance aired on 27 October 1973 in the episode won by folk trio Dri Jinja. See https://newfacesatv.home.blog/2019/02/05/27-october-1973-series-one-5/. Let me know if the names of the other acts ring any bells with you. If you check the post for the series grand final (https://newfacesatv.home.blog/2019/02/09/29-december-1973-series-one-grand-final/) there is a photo of Dri Jinja that may jog your memory.


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