13 October 1973 – Series One (3)

Art Nouveau. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

Another episode where information is pretty scarce.

On the panel for episode three was Clement Freud and Evie Taylor. One of the six acts looking for some encouragement from the judges were;

  • Art Nouveau (five-piece group)
  • Anthony Waters (vocalist)

Mr Freud’s qualifications as a judge were questioned by one viewer, Mrs. Catherine Lynch from Kilmarnock, who wrote to The People to complain her entertainment had been spoiled by his ‘wounding criticisms of the entertainers’.

She finished her letter questioning ‘why is he there?’ and pleaded for a ‘qualified judge [to] take his place’.  For taking the trouble to write she won £5.

Vocalist Anthony Waters dressed as King Arthur. Image: ATV Broadcast

Anthony Waters was judged to be the winner of this episode. He appeared dressed in a full King Arthur costume, a role he had played in an amateur production of Camelot.

Evie Taylor said he could do well in the business as a second Keith ‘Mitchell’ and her mispronunciation of the Australian actors surname amused Clement Freud. He corrected her by dryly commenting that ‘He may become a second Mitchell, but he will never be another Keith Michell.

The pair also had words backstage after Evie referred to her fellow judge as ‘Clemmie.’ He took great exception to this and asked she didn’t do it again. Evie retaliated by calling him a ‘condescending Charlie’ – or at least that that is what was published.

The strong harmony vocals of Manchester based group Art Nouveau were provided by Susan Baines (vocals / keyboards) and Howard Barber (vocals) and their music came from John Murray (drums), Terry Walsh (bass), Jerry Birch (lead guitar). They were the viewers vote winners of the show and would appear again in the first show of series two.

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