27 Oct 1973 – Series One (5)

Just Oliver. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

Episode five saw a debut on the judges panel for the ATV announcer and host of the Tingha and Tucker Club, Jean Morton. Jean was joined by Tony Hatch and Clement Freud with Derek Hobson in his familiar host’s chair.

Of the six acts of the line-up for this episode, only four are known;

  • Just Oliver (singer) from Warrington
  • Diana Ball (singer)
  • Dri Jinja (folk trio)
  • Leslie Melville and Madame Charmaine (magician / clairvoyant)
  • Unknown Acts x 2

The winners on the night were the folk trio from Surrey, Dri Jinja, who would go on to appear in the Grand Final on 29 December 1973.

We would get to see Just Oliver again when he was invited back to appear in the opening show of series two having won the viewers vote from his appearance here.

Leslie Melville and Charmaine the clairvoyant hen. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

Leslie Melville contacted me to say he appeared in the first series with his clairvoyant hen, Madame Charmaine.  He couldn’t recall the date or the other acts, but his perfect recollection of the judging panel line up put his appearance on this show.

Leslie and his hen’s act proved a fast-moving comedy mind-reading act and great visual entertainment.

Missing Details

This show is missing the names of two acts that appeared on this programme.

If you have any details of the missing acts then please leave a comment on the page of use the Contact Me page to send in any information you may have.

3 thoughts on “27 Oct 1973 – Series One (5)

  1. Thank you for the information! I see that it was exactly 46 years ago! Wow!
    ‘Just Oliver’ is the only name that I remember from that time!
    But thanks again for your interest!
    Charmaine, of course, is now in ‘The Great Scratching Shed’ in the Sky – and I am more or less retired – but it was all great fun!



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