13 Mar 1976 – Series Four (13)

Duo David & Tony Webb, The Webb Brothers. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

The professional panel scoring the following seven new acts with marks out of ten on presentation, content and star quality for show thirteen were Arthur Askey, Alan A. Freeman, Martin Jackson and Lionel Blair.

  • Sheer Delight (girl trio) from London – score unknown
  • Candy Rock (vocal trio) from Herfordshire – 101 points
  • Ted Young (one man band) from Sussex – score unknown
  • Rose-Marie (vocalist) from Middlesex – 99 points
  • Jim Davidson (comedian) from London – 117 points
  • The Webb Brothers (male duo) from London – 95 points
  • Five Knuckle Shuffle (five-piece group) from Birmingham – 114 points

Show thirteen of the series broadcast on the thirteenth March was far from unlucky as four of the acts scored over 100 points, with the winner, comedian Jim Davidson, dropping just three points to score 117 points, which was the highest marks awarded to an act in series four to date. The viewers panel agreed with the professional panel and voted Jim Davidson as their winner too.

19760318_JimDavidson (2)
The show winner was comedian Jim Davidson. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

Jim Davidson had previously auditioned for Opportunity Knocks but was turned down. Just a few weeks later he was performing the same act, virtually word for word, on New Faces and he won a place on the next All Winners Show on 27 March 1976.

Before starting his comedy career Jim was getting through around three jobs a month including messenger boy, painter, window cleaner, van driver, dumper truck driver and porter. One Sunday evening, he went along to a pub where they had a regular stand-up comic appearing. On that particular night, the comedian didn’t turn up, so, pushed into it by his friends, Jim ended up on the stage, telling gags and got a great reception. Jim soon decided ‘normal’ jobs weren’t for him and decided to try his luck with comedy.

Birmingham group Five Knuckle Shuffle scored 114 points. Image: Trinity Mirror. Digitised by Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited.

Another high scoring act on the show, with 114 points was the slightly dubiously named Birmingham group Five Knuckle Shuffle. They were Rob Tansley (drums), Paul Watts (guitar), John Gibney (vocals), Phil Campion (keyboards) and Phil Hickin (bass).

They performed Taken Away The Trees, one of their own songs which was written by bass guitarist Phil Hickin. The judges were clearly impressed with the song as every single judge awarded them a maximum ten points for their content score. Add to that a star quality score of 36 and a presentation score of 38 they finished just three points behind the show winner.

After the show they were approached by nine major record labels and signed to EMI, however, they never made the record that could have given them a career in the music business.

19 year old singer Rose-Marie. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

The auburn-haired, blue-eyed 19 year-old singer Rose-Marie had moved to the UK from Ireland just twelve months before her appearance on the show. She quickly created an impression in clubland with her love of Country and Western. For her TV appearance on New Faces she altered her usual image by wearing mod gear and boots.

The vocal trio Candy Rock were placed third, scoring 101 points with their shortened version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Doug Kennard had joined Candy Rock two years earlier and was slightly disappointed they had to cut their song short as they were limited to just a three minute slot. Doug was also hoping that Tony Hatch was going to be on the judges panel, as he felt this would have given the group a better chance of being signed up for further work.

Candy Rock would return to New Faces in the first show of series five having been invited back by the producers due to their high score on this show.

The other one hundred plus performers were likely to be vocal trio Sheer Delight, who were Gaynor and Lynn Jones from Swansea and Edwina Lawrie, the little sister of Lulu. They also appeared on the first show of series five.

Just one month after appearing on the show, Sheer Delight were the support act for Edwina’s big sister Lulu at her performance at La Fabrique, Bo’ness near Falkirk. Edwina Lawrie went on to present ITVs Data Run, which was one of the children programmes broadcast as part of TV-AM, and also released a couple of singles in the early 1980s. One of the singles, Dark Glasses, was written 80s pop star Nik Kershaw and produced by Stock, Aitken and Waterman.

One man band Ted Young. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

One Man Band act Ted Young came into the show with a background as a busker and stand up comedian. He spent a period of time in the Merchant Navy and his agent had helped him gain a great reputation on the stag night circuit. Armed with his one man band busking gear and some blue jokes he commanded instant respect and gales of laughter from the partying stags and their guests. He not only made a lot of money out of it, he became something of a celebrity in those circles.

The same year as he appeared on New Faces, Ted released a single, Seagulls, a chirpy football song about Brighton and Hove Albion.
A family tragedy struck Ted at the age of 35 when they suffered the death of a two-year old child. In grief Ted questioned God about the injustice of the death of a young child. He wasn’t a religious person at all, but as he questioned his life of telling rude jokes and singing the songs he was performing he was overcome by a sudden evil in the room and his natural reaction was to ask God for help.
The experience made him question the direction of his career but his agent refused to release him from his contract. Unable to get out of performing at stag parties he decided to take matters into his own hands and at the next engagement instead of dirty songs and rude blue jokes, he serenaded them with religious songs for the soul instead. His agent was advised not to book him again.

Singing duo David and Tony Webb were billed on the scoreboard as The Webb Brothers and scored a respectable 95 points.

10 thoughts on “13 Mar 1976 – Series Four (13)

  1. Candy Rock impressively performed Bohemian Rhapsody as a trio! I went to see them live a year or so later when they played at a venue local to me. Excellent band.


  2. Is this your blog? it is great., by the way I’m John Werner-Gibney we used to have a lot of fun together. Do you remember getting stopped by the police on our way home from the Boggery? folk club?


    1. Hi John. Thanks for the interesting comment, however, I’m not sure who it’s aimed at as I don’t know you and definitely wasn’t stopped by the police.


    2. Gibbo, it wasn’t the Boggery, it was the Cherry Trees Folk club at Alcester. They clocked me at 62mph in a 30mph area and for some reason, you stopped as well! We’d both had well over the limit. I subsequently had a £28 fine.
      They were super times.
      Do you remember we went down to London just after New Faces to talk to some recording mogul, popped into a pub for a drink and we were recognised by the bar staff, who were very complimentary. Old faces now.


  3. Hi Phil,
    My name is Angus Young, I am the son of Ted Young who sadly lost his battle with cancer a couple of months ago. I have been scouring the net trying to find footage of Dads early days. Do you know is it possible to get footage of the show from the 13th March 1976 series 4 showing Ted young the busker, yourselves Five Knuckle Shuffel and Jim Davidson, looking at the points that was a close call between you guys and Jim eh.
    If you get a Chance i would appreciate a reply.
    Email as follows:


    1. I doubt there will be footage of the new faces shows. Video tape was extremely expensive in the 70’s
      so once broadcast, video tape was wiped and used again


  4. Hi, I am Phil Hickin from the late Five Knuckle Shuffle. Thanks for contacting us, what would you like to know? We are all still alive and in various forms of contact.


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