2 Nov 1974 – Series Three (7)

Eight year old singer Malandra Newman won the heat. Trinity Mirror. Digitised by Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited. All rights reserved.

A judging panel consisting of Tony Hatch, Mickie Most, Arthur Askey and John Smith awarded the marks on the next batch of hopeful acts attempting to secure the last place in the first All Winners Final of the series.

The performers looking to book their place on the following week’s line-up were;

  • Stuart Jason (vocalist)  from South Shields
  • Kydd (six-piece group) from London
  • Little Joe (country & western vocalist) from Walsall
  • Horizon (skiffle trio) from Cheshire
  • Jack Jarvis (comedian) from Salford
  • The Jay I’s (four-piece trumpet group) from Leicestershire
  • Malandra Newman (vocalist / comedian) from Liverpool

After the judges scores were totalled the winner of the show was eight year old Malandra Newman who sang and joked herself the final place in the first All Winners Show on 9 November 1974.  The show producer described Malandra, a name taken from her parents names of Malcolm and Sandra, as “a second Shirley Temple.”

In October 1973, when billed as Miss Newman, the then young seven year-old played a show in Runcorn supporting Ben E. King, the former lead singer of The Drifters.

Mrs. Sandra Borrows had to defend her eight-year-old daughter, Malandra, after more than 70 people phoned ATV in Birmingham after the show complaining that the marking had been based on sentiment and not on merit. An ATV spokesman said: “Every single call said that another singer, Stuart Jason, of South Shields, should have won.”

Mrs. Borrows said she believed her daughter’s success was completely fair, saying “I do not think in any way that she is precocious and I believe she did a professional act and won her first place fairly and squarely.”

Singer Stuart Jason was the viewers winner. Image: ATV Broadcast

Stuart Jason would later get a second chance based the viewers votes and we would see him perform again in the Viewers Winners Show on 1 February 1975.

Kydd uncovered a Queen-size bloomer when they unpacked before the show. The two girls in the six-piece group had forgotten their knickers – an essential when you are due to appear on TV wearing white see-through gowns. Sharon Morgan and Sally McCann, both 17, thought each other had packed the underwear case. However, the case remained some 120 miles away in London.

It took an emergency phone call to London and a friend to drive up the motorway with the missing knickers to save the day. The courier arrived in time for the girls to appear properly dressed when the show was recorded.  The group were voted in fourth place by the judging panel.

8 thoughts on “2 Nov 1974 – Series Three (7)

  1. How was Stuart your brother in law? None of his sisters were married to anyone called Neil. But you right, he was a brilliant singer. Are you Sandra’s brother? Lovely lady.


    1. I’m Stuart’s niece. He was Dundee born and bred. Jason’s Flock was the name of the group when he sang with Sandra in Leeds.


  2. Stuart was my brother in law and a damn good singer,he should have walked that show,he was in the good hands of mickie most ,Tony hatch wrote the songs he performed,his one and only chance,As the saying goes,never work with children or animals especially when you have Arthur askey and the likes..of course they will give the kids/ animals ten out of ten……


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