20 Apr 1974 – Series Two (3)

Heat Winner, Tony Gerrard. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

Heat three of the second series saw a panel consisting of Tony Hatch, Jack Warner, John Smith and Barbara Kelly review another seven act hopeful of stardom, they were;

  • McArthur Park (vocal harmony trio) from Bristol
  • Linda Saxone (personality vocalist) from Norfolk
  • Tony Gerrard (comedian) from London
  • Davy Jones (comedian / impressionist)
  • The Melvin Brothers (vocal harmony duo)
  • Federation (pop group)
  • Terry St. Clair (vocal/guitar) – participation doubtful, see heat 11

The heat winner, beating the pop group Federation by just one point, was comedian Tony Gerrard, who billed himself as Britain’s best ‘sit down’ comedian, as he had been confined to a wheelchair since the age of four after contracting polio. He was also a talented Rock ‘n’ Jazz saxophone player. The group Federation had previously made an appearance on rival show Opportunity Knocks.

In 1977 Tony released a six track LP, My Latest LP, on the SRT label. In 1983 a section of his act featured in The Skin Horse, the award-winning and ground-breaking TV documentary dealing sensitively with the topic of sex and intimacy within the disabled community. Tony sadly passed away in May 2012 at the age of 68.

Linda Saxone 1964. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

The National press had forecast that Norfolk’s Linda Saxone was destined for a brilliant career back 1964 when she released her debut single Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing on the Pye Records label. The single failed to chart.

In 1965 Linda moved to the Polydor label and released to further singles, Only Last Night and I’ve Got To Say No again both without chart success. In 1972 Linda was one of the resident entertainers on the Gaiety circuit in Blackpool, where she made her name as a wide-ranging songstress.

The Melvin Brothers, Gary and John, were members of the Allan Warburton showband which was at the beginning of 1973 and played a wide variety of numbers through pop, standards, Country and Western and Latin American to old time and party dances. The brothers left the showband at the start of 1975 to concentrate on cabaret work.

Terry St. Clair’s participation in this heat is extremely doubtful as he is known to have appeared on show 11 of this series, a recording of which is available on You Tube confirming his appearance on the show won by Johnny Carroll. It is likely to be that he was scheduled for this show and replaced by an unknown act and his appearance was postponed until the later show.

Missing Details

Assuming that Terry St. Clair didn’t appear on this show and instead performed on show 11, then there is a missing act from this show. If you have any details of the missing act for this show then please leave a comment on the page of use the Contact Me page to send in any information you may have.

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