15 Feb 1975 – Series Three (22)

Country group, Haz Eliot with Feeling. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

Joining regular host Derek Hobson on the panel for this heat were record producer Mickie Most, former band leader George Elrick, producer John Robins and night-club owner John Smith.

  • How Quaint (six-piece group) from Hampshire
  • Franco Ansalone (vocalist) from London
  • Kevin Sinclair (vocalist / comedian / impressionist) from Cheshire
  • Harvey Wood (comedian) from Darlaston
  • Haz Eliot with Feeling (four-piece country band) from Tring, Herts.
  • Jackie Beeson (vocal / guitar) from London
  • Tommer Puppets (musical puppet act) from Scarborough
Nick Thomas with his act Tommer Puppets were voted the winning act of this heat. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

The winner of the show was musical puppet act, Tommer Puppets, presented by 15 year-old Nick Thomas, who made his own puppets.  On the show he performed with a two-foot woodpecker who mimed to Barbara Streisand’s hit Second Hand Rose.

He started working in puppetry when he was just 12 years old and was spotted at the auditions held in Leeds, when he lied to the producers about his age. Nick hoped to use the show to boost his career but was convinced that a speciality act would never be picked as a winner. He was therefore surprised when his puppet act made history and became the first speciality act to be voted a show winner.

Northern comedian Harvey Wood rounded off his performance with a rendition of By The Time I Get To Phoenix and former secretary Jackie Beeson treated the audience to her version of Mountain Greenery.

Portsmouth based group How Quaint were fronted by two female singers sporting William Morris print cocktail dresses and their bass player seemed to be dressed in what appeared to be a jousting outfit.

Franco Ansalone was described by the Liverpool Echo as ‘an ad-man’s after-shave imagination.’ He was tall and chisel-faced with immaculately coiffured hair and his identity chain was overshadowed by a pair of wet-look slip on shoes. For his chance in the spotlight he chose to belt out his Italian accented version of Frank Sinatra’s My Way.

Mickie Most said ‘his chances were slim’, but added, ‘he has a kind face and a nice presence.’  John Robins suggested, ‘he’ll go a wow with the ladies’ and John Smith agreed, ‘he’ll appeal to mums as well as daughters.’

Tommer Puppets would appear again in the third All Winners Show just three weeks after winning this heat.

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