19 Oct 1974 – Series Three (5)

Experienced Northern Club Vocalist Ian Noble. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

Giving their views on the performances the panel for this heat were Tony Hatch, George Elrick, Ted Ray and, making his first appearance on the show, Jack Parnell.

The seven hopefuls looking to book a place in the first All Winners Final of the new series were;

  • Ian Noble (vocalist)
  • Bladderak (vocal duo)
  • Next Of Kin (five-piece group)
  • Silver Cloud (soul group)
  • Les Parker (vocal / comedy)
  • Pippa Dell (vocalist)
  • Tony Maiden (impressionist)

The winner of the heat was teenage impressionist Tony Maiden, who was already a successful TV star, having appeared as Albert in the series Black Beauty.

3 thoughts on “19 Oct 1974 – Series Three (5)

    1. Thanks for your comment, Unfortunately this is one of the many, many shows that were wiped by ATV so it no longer exists in the archives. Sorry I couldn’t bring you better news, but please consider sharing any memories of your appearance via the contact page on the site.


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