28 Sep 1974 – Series Three (2)

Folk singer Dave Cartwright.
Image: Discogs.com

The panel for the second show of the new series were Ted Ray, Clifford Davis, Mickie Most and John Smith.

The seven new acts who were looking to book a place in the first All Winners show were;

  • Together (five-piece group) from Brighton
  • Lennie Leighton (comedy / vocalist)
  • Fiesta
  • Mint (group) from Leicester
  • Dave Cartwright (folk singer)
  • Johnnie Kennedy (comedian)
  • Lynn and Alan (vocal instrumental duo)

The controversial winners of the show were Mint.  The group formed back in 1967 and had previously appeared three times on Opportunity Knocks which would appear to bend the rules of appearing on New Faces.

Leicester group and winning act Mint had previously appeared on Opportunity Knocks in 1973. Image Alan Jones, You Tube

The members of the group were Alan Jones (lead guitar), Martin Wright (lead vocals), Leigh Catterall (bass), George Moorley (drums) and Dennis Stansall (vocals and percussion). They scored 111 points with their own version of The Turtles song You Don’t Have To Walk In The Rain, securing the win and a place in the first All Winners Show of the series. They scored 37 for Presentation, Content and Star Quality with Ted Ray awarding them a maximum score of 10 in each category.

Ted Ray thought they produced a ‘wonderful sound’ and declared that they were ‘marvellous.’ Clifford Davis confessed he thought that show director Paul Stewart Laing was ‘a bit potty’ as he’d opened the show with the Brighton group Together, but when Mint performed he realised that the director had another great act up his sleeve and added ‘I think they are just as good as the first lot.’

The only thing Mickie Most didn’t like was what the band were dressed in, but added he thought this was their time to make it having served their ‘apprenticeship.’ John Smith stated that the group could work in concert venues, but unlike Together, they would also work well in clubs and cabaret too, calling them ‘a great act.’

Brighton Group Together scored 103 points

The first act on the show, Brighton group Together, were awarded 103 points by the judges as shown in the clip below. They scored 33 for Presentation and an impressive 35 for both Content and Star Quality which including a maximum score of 10 from Clifford Davis (Content) and Mickie Most (Star Quality).

The group played under the names of Batman, Tarzan, Superman, Robin Hood and Popeye, however, their real names were Terry, Ray, Paul, Mick and Nigel.

The recording of the group Together performing their own song Mighty Murgatroyd on this show has been found and can be watched in the You Tube clip below.

Lynn and Alan White.
Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

The show viewers voted for comedian Johnnie Kennedy who would also appear, alongside Mint, on the first All Winners Show on the 9 November 1974.

Lynn and Alan White appeared on the scoreboard as just Lynn and Alan.

7 thoughts on “28 Sep 1974 – Series Three (2)

  1. I’m looking to try and get the footage of a band which appeared on the show circa 1974, the bands name was Cobblers Dream, can you help
    Many Thanks


    1. Hi Raymond
      I’ve found an advert for a Cobblers Dream gig from Feb ’74 that stated they were ‘Stars’ of New Faces. This means they would have appeared on series one in 1973 as series two didn’t begin until Apr 74. Some of the early shows of series one are missing some acts from the line up as they can’t be identified from the archives.
      Take a look at show 1.2 on the site and see if you recognise them in the line up photo.
      As far as footage is concerned the only show known to exist from series one is the Grand Final. All others were wiped by ATV.


  2. You still haven’t said if you have a video recording of Lenny Leighton comedian s individual act on that show that Mint won.


  3. Is there a recording of Lenny Leighton the comedian doing his act on New faces series 3 show 2 where the winners were Mint 1974.


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