28 Sep 1974 – Series Three (2)

Lynn and Alan White. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

The panel for the second show of the new series were Ted Ray, Clifford Davis, Mickie Most and John Smith.

The seven new acts who were looking to book a place in the first All Winners show were;

  • Lennie Leighton (comedy / vocalist)
  • Fiesta
  • Dave Cartwright (folk singer)
  • Lynn and Alan White (vocal instrumental duo)
  • Together (five-piece group)
  • Mint (group)
  • Johnnie Kennedy (comedian)

The controversial winners of the show were Mint.  The group had previously appeared three times on Opportunity Knocks which seemed to bend the rules of appearing on New Faces.

The show viewers voted for comedian Johnnie Kennedy who would also appear, alongside Mint, on the first All Winners Show on the 9 November 1974.

The recording of the group Together performing their own song Mighty Murgatroyd in this heat of the show has been found and can be watched on You Tube.

5 thoughts on “28 Sep 1974 – Series Three (2)

  1. You still haven’t said if you have a video recording of Lenny Leighton comedian s individual act on that show that Mint won.


  2. Is there a recording of Lenny Leighton the comedian doing his act on New faces series 3 show 2 where the winners were Mint 1974.


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