11 May 1974 – Series Two (6)

Vocalist Lynn Barrie. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

Heat six of the second series saw judges Clifford Davis, Tony Hatch and Ted Ray assessing the talents of the following seven acts;

  • Lynn Barrie (vocalist) from London
  • The Cosmopolitans (Italian singing trio) from London
  • Scotland (folk group) from Glasgow
  • Dave Penny (comedy / vocalist)
  • Tony Martine (vocalist) from Ebbw Vale
  • Ricky Rich (comedian) from Birmingham
  • Leighton Roberts (vocalist / guitarist) from Stockton-on-Tees

The winning act with highest marks attained so far and by popular vote were The Cosmopolitans with their version of Speak Softly, Love (Love Theme from The Godfather) and the runner-up was Ebbw Vale singer Tony Martine.

Advert in The Stage (23 May 1974). Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

One member of The Cosmopolitans, Ferruccio Bresciani (known as Ferro to everyone) is still occasionally playing and performing and now resides in Bergamo, Italy.  Ferro is the step-father of Cold Feet TV star Fay Ripley having married Fay’s mother in 1971.

The Cosmopolitans were accompanied to the recording by their girlfriends to the television studio for the recording of the show.  During their performance the man sat next to them told them that they were doing a great job and said they were singing one of his favourite songs, as he had sung it himself some time ago. He wished them luck and soon after he left.  Someone who had overheard the conversation asked the girls if they knew who that man was, they had no idea.  He explained that the man was in fact Al Martino, the actor who had starred as Johnny Fontane in the movie The Godfather, who had recorded the song in 1972.

After The Cosmopolitans came off stage they were given the news of the conversation, but even though they searched the studio they never located Al Martino but at least he had wished them luck and it had certainly paid off. From the 12 May 1974 Al Martino performed a week long residency at Allisons in Liverpool, so his attendance at the recording in Birmingham is highly probable as he was in the country at the time.

The judging panel were quite pointed with their critique of female vocalist Lynn Barrie when they suggested she changed her make-up, her hair and her song. Lynn bounced back from the criticism and in 1977 played many cabaret dates in the USA where she also appeared on TV.

Graham Carrington the former window cleaner from Wales, performed under the name Dave Penny. Dave went on to have an entertainment career spanning over half a century and released his In For A Penny LP in 1984 with EMI. Dave sadly died in December 2018  following a traffic accident near Caerphilly, Wales and his funeral took place on January 23, 2019 at Gwent Crematorium.

Having changed his name, from Billy Jarrett, Leighton Roberts had decided to go solo after starting his career in various bands in the Stockton-on-Tees area. He had played rhythm guitar and handled vocals for a band called The Satellites who he joined with Peter Cuthbert (lead guitar), Frank Garvey (bass) and drummer Ronnie Moore.

Twelve months after appearing on New Faces, Ricky Rich, the comedian from Birmingham became the host and manager of the New Castaways club on Bradford Street, Birmingham.

Missing Details

This show is missing the names of one of the four judges who sat on the panel for the show.

If you have any details of the missing judge for this show then please leave a comment on the page of use the Contact Me page to send in any information you may have.

Credit: Special thanks to Ferro (Ferruccio Bresciani) from The Cosmopolitans for the additional information above.

3 thoughts on “11 May 1974 – Series Two (6)

  1. Any idea how to get this episode ( of The Cosmopolitans winning) for a member of the band stuck in long term isolation in Bergamo in Italy? Thanks for your help

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    1. Hi Fay
      Unfortunately I don’t have copies of the shows, so I’m unable to help. If it exists then I think the TV company may have copies. Sorry I can’t help and hope that the person in Bergamo is safe and well.


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