8 December 1973 – Series One (11)

Charlie James. Image © The Stage Media Company Limited

Back on the judging panel for this episode was Clement Freud who was treated to the following six acts;

  • Foggy (folk duo)
  • John Milner (magician)
  • George Smith (vocal/guitar)
  • Charlie James (female vocalist)
  • Bernie Thompson (comedy ventriloquist)
  • Rodell Sanders (vocalist)

The father of two from Skelmersdale, Bernie Thompson (stage name Georgie Whatsisname),  had been in show business for nine years before his big break appearance, but it didn’t all go to plan.  To settle his nerves before his performance he drank a glass of water and dislodged his false tooth which he also swallowed so he had to do his ventriloquist act with a missing tooth.

4ft. 7¾ ins. cabaret singer Charlie James was judged to be the winning act by Clement Freud and his fellow panelists so would be back for the Grand Final a few weeks later.

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